There are a lot of reasons why we enjoy capturing senior sessions. The fact that you can ask a high school senior to stand in a certain position and they’ll do it, and you don’t ever have to chase them with camera ready or promise lots of jelly beans, is pretty close to the top of the list. But it is also a wonderful milestone to celebrate… an exciting stage in the journey of life, and just plain fun!

We are super-excited to share some favorites from our recent session with Emily — our first Washington High School Class of 2014 Senior! She is a darling young lady and was an absolute superstar in front of the camera. And she never once asked for a jelly bean for all that hard work! 😉

Here are some highlights from our fun shoot!

EmilyB 001 EmilyB 032 EmilyB 031 EmilyB 030 EmilyB 029 EmilyB 028 EmilyB 027 EmilyB 026 EmilyB 025 EmilyB 024 EmilyB 023 EmilyB 022 EmilyB 021 EmilyB 020 EmilyB 019 EmilyB 018 EmilyB 017 EmilyB 016 EmilyB 015 EmilyB 014 EmilyB 013 EmilyB 012 EmilyB 011 EmilyB 010 EmilyB 009 EmilyB 008 EmilyB 007 EmilyB 006 EmilyB 004 EmilyB 003 EmilyB 002

Emily, thank you so much for a fantastic photo session — you were so much fun to work with! Congratulations on making it to your senior year! See you soon!