Was That a Rustle in the Bush?

Last week I shared a shot of the just one of the leopards that we managed to spot while game viewing in the Kruger National Park. This week I promised to share the best of the best, because although the shot that I shared last week was a great shot from a great spot…the best was yet to come.

You might remember that I almost mistook this leopard for a lemur and then a wild dog but fortunate we eventually zero’ed in on a fantastic leopard sighting! He decided to hang around for a good long time before crossing the road and I was thankful for the time to make sure that I was shooting with the best settings I could 😉 Honestly, being a novice wildlife photographer I was so excited about the leopard in front of me that I just kept shooting, reframing and shooting. I may have checked my aperture but that was about it. Eight minutes later as we stumbled across the second leopard in 10 minutes I got the chance to check my settings again. Novice! The excitement was just too much, but I think that I shot the best of the best at this occasion. Stay tuned for the best shot I got!