What do you get when you combine a team of one South-African husband, one North-Carolinian wife, and an absolute love for beautiful pictures?

Quiver Tree Photography, of course.


Mark and Caroline Collie {the husband and wife team behind Quiver Tree} have been married for six years, and in that time have helped start a church in Scotland, a non-profit organization in South Africa, and now, a photography business in North Carolina. (And Quiver Tree is their favourite launch so far.) Mark is the skillful hand most often manning the camera, capturing beautiful images, and enhancing them in the digital darkroom. Caroline contributes to the marketing, web-site-magic, and handling what hits the walls at the Quiver Tree Gallery.

The Collies have two strapping young boys, their one sweetie-pie little girl, and they live in Washington, North Carolina.

Mark says:

My love of photography stems from my maternal Grandpa. Every Christmas he would haul out his tripod and old Carl Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super to take a family photo. For us kids it was just a small interruption to the enjoyment of our newly acquired toys. Years later and well after my Grandpa had passed away, I came across his photographic kit and thought that I might enjoy trying photography out for a bit. Fifteen years on and a couple of cameras later the ‘bit’ has turned into a whole lot!

I love creating imagery with our clients in mind. I started out as a landscape photographer, so it thrills me to be outdoors, getting people into nature, and capturing the beauty that results. When I am not enjoying time with our three sweet little ones, I enjoy blazing down a trail on my mountain bike (as I get older I tend to blaze down rather than up!) I have been blessed with the opportunities of traveling to some of the most beautiful places on earth. My home country of South Africa is still my favourite.

I’ve been enjoying my work as a wedding and family photographer in Washington and Greenville since the fall of 2011. My client-base ranges from the beautiful rural settings of Eastern North Carolina, to as far afield as Scotland and South Africa where I pursue the creation of images that are one-of-a-kind.

Caroline says:

I know what it’s like to be disappointed about the results of a camera being pointed at me, so my heart for photography is often related to my love for people, and my hope that our photography services will be more than just a point-and-shoot session that they’ll enjoy the fruits of for a year or two. My hope is that our work creates memories that our clients print, hang, share and savour for years and years to come. I love working alongside the Hero Hubs (what I call Mark) and thinking of new ways to serve our clients even better. When we shoot weddings, I often pray that the imagery we create on our clients’ wedding day will remind them of the love they have for one another, so that if health becomes sickness or richer becomes poorer they’ll find a way to carry on holding tight to the promise they’ve made to each other.

When I’m not playing with our little ones, busy in the kitchen, folding laundry or donning the Quiver Tree cap (which is actually a camera belt I wear around my waist), I also enjoy writing on my own website, With Love, From Here.

We are excited about the possibility of working with you! Please click here to visit our contact page if you have any questions or would like to book a session!

Quiver Tree Photography is based in Washington, NC and serves the local areas of Washington, NC, Greenville, NC, the surrounding areas of Eastern North Carolina and further afield. Quiver Tree Photography has vast experience in traveling and shoots on location around the world.